Choose your pricing plan

  • Mytechmate Annual

    Every year
    Tech support for all your tech needs
    • Online Support, up to 5 times per month, Annual tech visit
  • Mytechmate SMB

    Every month
    Home Businesess or Sole Proprietors
    • Maintain Cloud Apps
    • Priority Service
    • Security Monitoring, Reporting and Training
    • Remote support for small issues
    • Network monitoring and maintenance of all mtc networks
  • Mytechmate Business

    Every month
    Tech support for all your tech needs, 1-10 clients
    • Remote support, computer clean/tune up, training...
    • Maintain Cloud Aps--O365, Google Workspace
    • Security, monitoring reporting and trainining
    • Network monitoring and maintenance for all mtc networks
    • O365 and Workspace Adds, moves and changes