Managed IT Services

You are a small office but rely on many technologies everyday--from your data services in the cloud, including GSuite from Google or Microsoft O365, laptop or desktop management to server management patching. Chances are someone on staff may know enough to do basic tasks, yet it would be nice to have a partner who you can hand all this off too; someone who deals with setting up mailboxes or troubleshooting apps everyday. In other words, it would be great to have Enterprise IT Managed Services but not at IT boutique prices.

We are well versed in all the needs of your small business and can run things like an onsite IT team with a tailored solution for a monthly fee, starting at just $500 per year for a home office or $100 per month for a business 5 employees or under. That way you have the resources you need without having to pay someone onsite or have some moonlight as IT, and all for a modest fee. You know who your IT person is they know you and your needs like an onsite IT person. We call it mytechmate for business. And we take care of your technology needs or challenges so you can concentrate on your core work. Let's talk today!