July Review: Apple Watch 3 42mm Refurbished

Apple Watch 3 42 mm Refurbished...for just over $200, I took the plunge. For me, I wanted the cellular connection so I had phone and data contact when on my runs or without my phone. Also, having the map and GPS is a wonderful feature of the Apple Watch 3. Let's face it, we may not want to be Dick Tracey all the time, but a critical call can come in or I need directions in another town.

For me, the Apple Watch 4 is just not worth the triple price. Yes, I grant you the screen with its no edge display is slick, but at a huge premium. I get most of its features for a third of the price with my model 3 Refurbished.

Pairing the watch with my iPhone 8 and the non-Apple Bluetooth headphones worked seamlessly. It was really good to see non-Apple devices pair easily. So, for just over $200 I have a watch that frees me from my phone for most basic functions, plus provides all the additional health features Apple lauds with its heart monitor and fitness measuring app. Not a bad deal. And beat throwing down twice to three times the amount at Big Box store!

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